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Our 8-week challenge will be soon posted here. The program is designed to lose kilograms of body fat and gain lean toned muscles while helping you learn how to change your relationship with food and nutrition.

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Designed to teach you the fundamentals of lifting where our focus is on perfect technique so you can work through progressions.


45 min full body high intesnsity workout with a mix of HIIT and Strength to really get your heart pumping.


a full body, high intensity fat burner!


A full body fat burner that is designed to test your mental and physical strength. Leave nothing behind in this 60 min burner run every Saturday.


A full-body, high-intensity workout that will push you to new heights, both physically and mentally.


A workout in building a stronger core, improving flexibility, and finding that perfect balance between body and mind.

7-day free pass training

Join us now for 1 week FREE Group Training!

28-day      challenge

We have transformed people like you to be better versions of themselves. Now we are inviting you to be one of our success stories…

8-week      challenge

Designed to help you lose kilograms of body fat and gain lean toned muscle while helping you learn how to change your relationship with food & nutrition.

personal    training

Let us educate you on all aspects of health, fitness and exercise…

Group fitness Training

Group fitness can be incredibly inspirational and motivating…

pre-season/in-season training

Training sessions designed around the specific needs of you club/team. Speak to our staff to find out more.


Have a question about our programs and services? Everyone has their own fitness goals and different unique situations…


A 5-star holiday where you can train, travel, and relax. The most fun you’ll ever have being healthy, feeling great, and have the best week ever!

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Client Testimonials

Kat is the first person who has managed to keep me going to the gym for longer than the “free trial” session.

Her group sessions are great, they push me further than I actually thought I could go. I usually get bored working out but Kat changes things up all the time so it keeps me motivated.

Kat has been great with my return to training after injuries. She always has an alternative so I still get a solid workout. I also love the way she makes sure I am doing the exercises the right way. I hated squats because they always hurt my knees.

Kat was the one who picked me up on my technique. She certainly knows her stuff and is always encouraging me to do my best than better!!

Elizabeth Web

I have trained with Kat for a little while now and I feel better than I have ever felt before!

I have managed to lose a total of 34 cm off my entire body and the best thing is that Kat and her team have taught me how to keep it off. I once was one of those girls that loved cardio and never lifted weights in fear that I would get too big and bulky.

Kat soon proved me wrong and I am now stronger and fitter, and with the lifestyle tools and tricks that I have learned, I now live the happiest healthiest life ever imaginable! 

I can highly recommend Kat, she is energetic and one of the most positive role models I have ever had in my life.

Emma Louise

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Everyone has their own fitness goals and different unique situations that’s why we highly encourage you to drop us a line!

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