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Recovery at Performance Gains Fitness

Compression | Heat Therapy using Normatec 3 by Hyprice for compression and Found Space for our Infrared Sauna.

We help you with tips to enhance your experience in the sauna with tips on stretches and ways to get the most out of your time in heat exposure. Reduce inflammation and muscle soreness, build mental resilience, and enhance your overall wellness for life.

Our Services

Compression Boots

Infrared Sauna

Myofascial Release


Compression Boots Benefits

These will take your workout recovery to the next level. It is designed to promote and improve blood circulation, which reduces muscle soreness and fatigue. The boots also work to reduce inflammation and swelling, clearing out body toxins and lactic acids that can slow down your recovery time.

With regular use, our compression boots can help you recover faster and perform better in all aspects of your fitness routine. 

Experience the benefits and take your fitness journey to the next level with our top-of-the-line compression boots.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

Our infrared sauna offers detoxification and skin purification, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Plus, if you’re experiencing muscle pain, it can offer some sweet relief.

With its immune-boosting properties, ability to improve blood circulation and aids in weight loss, it’s the perfect way to give your body some TLC.

Myofascial Release Benefits

Our myofascial release therapy can help you improve your post-workout recovery and lessen muscular soreness. Our expert therapist uses precise procedures that improve blood flow to the injured areas, increase neuromuscular efficiency, and support ideal muscle length and joint range of motion. It also promote lymphatic flow, which strengthens the immune system and our therapy lessen the toll that stress takes on the body.

Our services also help to restore the ideal length-tension connections for dynamic movement workouts, ensuring that you give your best effort.

Myotherapy Benefits

Our highly trained Myotherapist use targeted techniques to improve chronic low back pain and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness. Plus, our treatments have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

We’re also happy to work with those managing pain from fibromyalgia, in conjunction with other treatments.

Trusted Recovery


If you’re looking for a way to improve your recovery from sport and exercise, air compression recovery boots are worth considering.

Our Recovery Pro compression boots can help to reduce swelling and promote healing, making them an essential tool in every athlete’s recovery program.


Promote faster healing and reduce the risk of injuries with the sauna’s soothing heat, supporting your body’s natural recovery processes.

Embrace the ultimate self-care ritual that helps you achieve peak performance and take your fitness journey to new heights.

Cold Immersion

By exposing your body to cold water, you compel it to put in extra effort to regulate its core temperature, leading to increased calorie burn and potential weight loss.

Embrace the invigorating benefits of Cold Water Immersion and watch your body transform!

Georgia Tait

The PGF recovery space is my saviour!

Not only is it amazingly convenient that I only need to go to one place to do gym, sauna, recovery boots and myotherapy the upstairs room just sets the perfect vibe to take care of your body.

It’s so relaxing sitting on the couch in the recovery boots for 30 mins before I smash out hardcore sauna sesh. Recovery Sunday mornings has become my favourite part of the week!

Spending quality time in the PGF Recovery space has helped me to be able to train harder and more frequently! Not to mention how much better I have felt and slept since starting the sauna! I could never go back to life before!

Thanks PGF recovery for helping me towards my full potential in my health and fitness goals!

Penny Bowman

PGF recovery space has everything you need to feel relaxed and refreshed.

Set up in a private area upstairs it is the perfect place to chill out. It’s so relaxing that I find myself falling asleep most of the time while I’m using the recovery boots.

The recovery room is set up so that you can either chill out by yourself or with a friend. This is great for me because some days I just want to zone out by myself and some days I feel like having a good old chat with a friend.

This space offers, recovery boots, sauna and myotherapy sessions. I have tried them all and I cannot choose which one I like the best as they all make you feel great.

I always leave the recovery room feeling relaxed and ready to smash out what the day throws at me!


Infrared Sauna

Compression Boots

Myofascial Release



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Recovery at PGF

Compression | Heat Therapy using Normatec 3 by Hyprice for compression and Found Space for our Infrared Sauna.